Friday, June 12, 2009

Today is my step moms birthday and i am still working on her present. .
I love beading but sometimes I just can't bring myself to finish a project. This one is pretty huge its a portrait bead pouch of her daughter, It's coming along pretty ok but I didn't have all the right colors in the 15/0s im using. I have been making due with what i have and i am about half way done but i am so full of doubts. Normally I would just let it go and not even worry about the colors as long as the picture looks right (i did a pouch of my son in just three colors) but i have those old childhood worries that she wont like it or will criticize it.
I really wanted to have it to her by today, but I still have half to go and still the otherside of the pouch! augh! it will probably be some kind of pretty flower and I still have the chain/rope to do!

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