Saturday, June 26, 2010

I fully don't use this blog enough.

hmmm what to talk about.

I have been feverishly been listing auctions on etsy lately, I am trying to use up all my beads so i can get to work on some other projects that i have been neglecting around the house.

I need to paint my dressors and get to work on some other crap i mean crafts i have put on hold, like my dolls and some cosplay items and costumes.

I get these ideas for things to do and buy the items but with my bad health and all they kind of sit for a long time.
I am in hopes i can get myself together enough to get them done. And get rid of the clutter. gee good thing i dont have any hording problems. (said sarcasticly because appearantly i do) :)
It's not the trash kind of hording where there is cat poop and newspapers all over the place its just a lot of clutter and being broke i dont have the heart to throw valuable things away.
I have old books and fabrics and beads and all the things associated with that, I have faux fur and hair for dolls, I have spools of yarn and embroidery floss and people give me boxes of crafty things like fashion doll heads and sequins and other strange and wonderful stuff and over the years it has gotten crazy! I could probably open a craft shop if i had the money for brick and morter store rental!

ahhh me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I just watched a couple of shows on youtube .com called "How Clean is your house" it's an English television show.

Now i have the urge to clean my own house top to bottom :(

I made more things and listed some on ebay