Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello to the masses that follow my blog.. yeah right.

I guess this is to myself. I am taking too long in getting my Christmas stuff together to sell and I havent figured out what i am swapping in my ebay group!
I have already made a pretty great pair of snow earrings and befor that i started making some hard indian style earrings but i think i dont have enough of a certain color bead to finish that. I am also making some pretty great christmas tree earrings with a cute charm with It and if you know my work lately you know what the charm is. lol
I have been working also on some really pretty Angel earrings but i had to quit and redo it all over because the delicas did not work well with the dynomos .. umm i think their dynomos they are kinda fat an the delicas are perfect cylenders. AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh me!
This is a angel pin i made a long time ago

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